Who We Are

Scott Barnard is the founder of The Usability Review. After earning 2 degrees from MIT, he transplanted to the San Francisco Bay Area where he had a front row seat to the dot com boom and bust and the subsequent growth in importance of web, mobile and desktop application designs to the everyday activities of businesses and consumers alike.

Scott's work includes the Webby award-winning HP Creative Studio and the Addy award-winning Iron Man site for LG www.insidethesuit.com. Scott was the Senior Information Architect on both projects with Publicis Modem. Most recently, he worked revamping PayPal's Merchant Services website with Publicis. Despite the maturity of PayPal's business, the new design led to ~20% increase in conversion and ~40% increase usage of the product post-conversion.

Scott has worked with top web companies as well as Fortune 100 companies including: HP, LG, PayPal, Stryker, AIG, Bank of America, Capital One, Emirates Airlines, Orbitz, AOL, AAA, TruGreen and numerous others. He has also guided advertising agency efforts at Publicis Modem, Mekanism, Molecular, MUH-TAY-ZIK - HOF-FER, Grey SF, Questus, Viscira, and Others.

He is also the founder of the mobile website RememberStuff.com which is dedicated to helping people save, share, and remember the things they like.